VMWare Converter Beta.

I probably wouldn't have noticed this, but given that we recently had a SCFUG/UKCFUG meeting on Virtual Servers this little article on BetaNews caught my eye. Apparently, VMWare have released a beta of converter tool.

The tool allows you to create an image of a physical machine that you can use as a virtual machine. It also allows you to convert from other virtual machine images, such as Microsoft Virtual server.

At the moment the beta is on a hand picked basis, you need to fill in a survey, but it looks like it would be an exceptionally useful tool for getting started with virtual servers.

If its a replacement for VMWARE P2V then it will cost 3k plus for x amount of converts, be interesting to see what they charge for it in the end,
# Posted By Big Kev | 3/13/08 9:39 PM