Farcry 3 presentation

Well I did the demo last night. Of course, as it was my first time presenting using Adobe Connect, it and JRun knew this and made my life hell from the very start.I checked everything was running, shut down things I didn't need, made sure I was sharing the correct desktop and had all my bits and pieces together.

I start my demo and JRun starts playing up. The default cfadmin instance is running after I had shut it down and my demo instance has stopped. Who knows what was going on there!

After that JRun and Connect competed to get as much of the computer's CPU as possible, slowing both of them down. Because of this I didn't get as far as talking about Farcry 4. I'll probably be doing another presentation soon (practice makes perfect after all) solely about Farcry 4, but if you want to see/hear what I did manage to talk about you can see the recording here : http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/p40259141/

Also attached to this entry is a rar of the files for the custom type I built. I plan to write a few articles of exactly what should have happened in my demo last night to explain the content of these files.