Farcry 3 : Installing and updating

Starting at the beginning here's the first of my articles about Farcry.

Installing Farcry is a pretty painless process as long as you remember to do the updates after installing and before you get into the webtop. So what you need?I'm going to assume you have a web server, coldfusion server and database server installed and ready to go. On the works production server we have Apache, CFMX7 Standard and MySQL5. On my laptop I run MySQL 5, Apache and multiple instances of CFMX7 on JRun. (If you want to know how to set up multiple instances of CFMX take a look at the related articles.)

To install Farcry 3 you will need the farcry_core files, fourq files and farcry_mollio. You can download these files from the Farcry website, but I would strongly recommend getting the current release downloads from Jeff Coughlin's website. Jeff has a process that does a daily download of the latest set of files in Subversion which contain a number of small bug fixes and enhancements that aren't in the standard downloads.

Create yourself a "farcryapp" folder somewhere appropriate. On my laptop I have a second harddrive. At the top level I have a websites folder and I've created my farcryapp folder in there giving me a path of d:\websites\farcryapp. In your farcryapp folder create three folders :

  • farcry_core
  • farcry_mollio
  • fourq

Extract the content of each of the downloads into the matching folder. If you look in the farcry_core folder you should see :

  • admin
  • config
  • packages
  • plps
  • tags

Now we need a folder for our first farcry site. I'm going to call this "myproject". The my project folder needs to be created at the same level as farcry_core. Inside the "myproject" folder you should create a "www" folder.

So thats all the files set up. Before we can run the installer for farcry you need to set up a virtual directory in your webserver, a mapping in coldfusion and database.

For the database, simply create an empty database schema with a username and password in your chosen DBMS and a datasource entry in the ColdFusion administrator.

In your web server you need to create a virtual directory for the admin folder inside farcry_core and you also need to point the website root to the www folder in your project folder, so in my case I have :

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1DocumentRoot "D:\websites\farcryapp\myproject\www"
2Alias /farcry "D:\websites\farcryapp\farcry_core\admin"

If you haven't already make sure you have virtual directories for "/cfide" and "/CFIDE", so that you at least have access to the "/cfide/scripts" folder.

In ColdFusion you need a mapping for "/Farcry". This should point to your farcryapp folder in my case d:\websites\farcryapp\

Thats all the files and mappings you need. Next is to run the installer.

Open a browser to http://mysite/farcry/install where "mysite" is the domain name for your site and you'll get a page that looks like this

The site name is the name of the site folder that you created, so for me this is "myproject". Select the database you created and added to ColdFusion from the drop down. Select the appropriate database type and set the owner prefix. If you're using MySQL this should field should be cleared. The next two mapping fields can be left as they are and the domain name should already be showing in the last box.

Its possible to change these entries so that you can set up additional websites under one farcry_core installation. The only thing to note is make sure you have already created the "projectname/www" folders before you run the installer.

You've then got a tick box to only install the database. This is useful if you want to refresh the database and start from scratch without overwriting all the site files. Leave this blank at this time as we want the installer to set up the site files as well as the database.

The last tick box is to delete the farcry_mollio folder when the install is complete. You can tick this if you want. You've always got the downloaded zip if you need a new copy.

Clicking on the INSTALL button will set the process of copying the farcry_mollio files into your site folder and creating all the necessary database tables, initial data and configuration files.

When the installer completes - don't be tempted to go and look at the newly install site or the webtop. Just move straight on to the updater. Load up the page http://mysite/farcry/updates in your browser and scroll down to the bottom. At the bottom of the page you'll see two updaters b300 and b301. Check the boxes alongside each of these and hit the "deploy updates" button. Take no notice of any errors that come up and let it run through to the end. If you downloaded the latest files from Jeff' website that should be it and you can now log in to the webtop and look at the default mollio website that you get. If you didn't get the latest file, there's one last update that you need to run. Load up http://mysite/farcry/updates/fu.cfm and then you'll be done. ;)

You can find the webtop at http://mysite/farcry and your site at http://mysite/ The default username and password for FC 3, which you should change as soon as you log in is "farcry" and "farcry".

I hope this helps someone get started with Farcry.

Next entry I'll go through some simple content management and a couple of little updates that you can do to farcry, including enabling Friendly URLs.