Star Wars Galaxies

Ok - So first of my addictions - Star Wars Galaxies or SWG for short!

A friend of mine, Brandon (Arctic in SWG), persuaded me to try a trial of SWG back in January when his account of old was reinstated. I have to say that to start with I wasn't convinced, because I had been playing World of Warcraft at the time, but now I'm addicted!!!

SWG is a pay to play game, but at less than £10 a month its not exactly breaking the bank, plus you can buy SWG and all the expansions (less the latest expansion) from PC World for about a tenner!

At over 3 years old the graphics are superb, the vastness of the game is almost incomprehensible (there are 8 planets in Galaxies as well as open space to fly around in!!) and there is always something you can be doing, from the new "Legacy" quests to grinding (it means repeating quests to increase experience and level up a character) on varactyl on Kashyyyyk or simply setting up your own home and house on an island on Corellia.

Its way too much fun! Try it for yourself!

I concur!

far to addictive and far to much to do :(
# Posted By Ironic | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Meh, just gotta get your priorities straight, SWG, food, sleep, relationships....
# Posted By Arctic | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
today, i was be killed, he had lot of SWG credits (bought from )to buy good armors and boots, weapons.
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