Starting all over

So... Its been 20 months since I started out self-employed all on my own ( and I came to a decision last week.....

This self-employed life is not the life for me. I've had enough of being on my own all the time. I need to be back working as part of a team. I need to be leaving the house in the morning, going to an office, seeing people, working with people and then coming back to my home.

What brought this on? Basically I've been feeling that I wasn't enjoying the development work any more. However, 2 weeks working on site with a bunch of guys and gals at rawnet made me realise that its not the work its the environment thats been getting me down and that I actually still really enjoy developing applications and learning new technologies.

I've started looking for jobs in the Newcastle area, starting by searching, which led me to Concept Personnel. Concept are a small relatively new Creative/New Media recruitment agency, based out of Design Works in Gateshead. I saw a couple of interesting looking posts on their site and gave them a ring to find out some more. The ladies spoke to at Concept gave me some great advice for updating my CV and have been very encouraging. They have been extremely positive about the Web Development job market and confident that I will be able to get a position fairly quickly. So if you're looking for New Media type positions in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North of England, I can heartly recommend you talk to the ladies at Concept Personnel.