SWG - Working for the Government

One of the last Legacy quests in Galaxies is one called "Working for the Government". You pick this quest up from Gallura Handerin in Corellia as part of the Lt. Jasper series of quests.

The first part of this is "check the government drop boxes". You have to find 7 of the 10 drop boxes in Coronet on Correllia and check them. For the life of me I couldn't find any of the drop boxes anywhere, nor could I find any entries on the web about this quest. Having found some of the drop boxes I thought I would blog their locations. You'll find 3 boxes in front of the Guild Halls, one in front of the Cloning center, one around the banking and bazaar terminals and couple more in other place.

Waypoints for the ones I found are :

If anyone finds the other 3, please post them in a comment.

A later part of this same quest is to find a missing courier. As it turns out he's dead and you're actually looking for a human corpse (-194,-4242) over by the large Guild Hall in Coronet.

Hope that helps someone out, as post I've found for other quests have helped me.

The game guides section is a beautiful thing :)
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