Interviews and Job Offers

I didn't do a terribly well with talking about looking for a job and now its all over. In fact it was all over after only one interview and I'm already working!

I was supposed to have two job interviews last week. One out in the sticks on Tuesday and one in Newcastle City Centre on Wednesday.

Unfortunately at the very last moment the Tuesday job interview was 'postponed', because the interviewer had to complete a pitch to a client. ~shrug~ never mind. These things happen.So on Wednesday I went for an interview with a new initiative in Newcastle called Design of the Times, or DOTT07, for a Web Developer postition. They actually were looking for a PHP developer and while I can develop in PHP, I am primarily a ColdFusion developer.

DOTT had sent through a brief of what they wanted their website to be able to do and to contain. The more I read the brief and the more research and preparation I did (too much preparation in fact) over the bank holiday weekend, the more I was convinced that they didn't really need a bespoke solution in PHP or ColdFusion, but that they needed a good Content Management System. This frightened me a little, because I don't like lying and really didn't want to pitch myself to develop a bespoke system for them when that particular wheel had already been invented.

So it was with some trepidation that I went in to DOTT on Wednesday last week for my interview. When I was asked how I would develop the site I, perhaps overly bluntly, said I wouldn't develop their site, but would use a pre-built content management system and build custom components for any special features.

I came out of the interview with the feeling that it could have gone either way. Anyway, cutting this overly long story short! On Thurday night the agency asked me to send over some references. On Friday after DOTT had spoken to my references (a formality according to the agency), I was offered the post. On Monday this week I started working for DOTT!

I'm loving being out of the house, even if it does mean I have to sit in an office when the weather here is glorious at the minute! All the folks at DOTT are really nice people and I'm enjoying starting a web development project from the very start with a Content Editor to actually provide content and direction for the site. I have to say its a refreshing change to have someone actually driving the design and content of the site properly from the beginning. Content is usually the last part of the site to be thought about, if at all!!

I shall endeavour to write more about Design of the Times as I get the hang of it all, because it is shaping up to be a really interesting initiative that'll keep me on my toes for some time to come.

I'd just like to say thanks to Gillian at Concept Personnel, who helped me sort out my CV after an initial false start and tried her best to get me interviews. Also, many thanks to Chris Morrow at NRG who got me in to see Claire at DOTT and, ultimately, the job.