BlogCFC 5 Goes Gold!

Well today BlogCFC 5 went Gold. Raymond still wants to do more to it, but decided that it was time to wrap things up into a released product and a good release it is!

I'm loving the new admin - it makes life so much easier!

Next job - convert it to work in Farcry 3.0.1!

Isn't farcry a game? whats the point of putting a blog into a game?!
# Posted By Andrew | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Heh heh - no farcry ( is an open source content management system built using Adobe's ColdFusion (

Its what I'm probably going to be using to build DOTT07's (my new employer) new website.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
I'm working on it. I have to have a site up and running with a blog in it by the beginning of June, so some time after that I'll see if I can package it up into something usable.

Biggest problem I have at the minute is a complete lack of access to the wiki, cos port 8080 isn't open on the firewall here at work and a fear of asking newbie farcry questions on the dev list and user list which only seem to get responses while I'm sleeping.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
How I would love to see that converted into working in FarCry. I would be eagerly watching the Exchange for that!! :)
# Posted By Eric Hoffman | 3/13/08 9:39 PM