I've just started using GoogleTalk as my IM client, because the people that manage the infrastructure here at my new place of employment have got the firewall locked down so tight nothing else can get out of the building!

I have to say I'm really impressed! I really like it - its a nice light client. You can customise your available/busy status messages. Its got VOIP built in (not tried it out yet though). Best of all its integrated into the GoogleMail site! If you don't have the little widget open on your computer, but you do have GoogleMail open in a browser window you will get messages popping up in AJAX windows within the browser. Much to my amusement for all of 5 minutes, when a message is first displayed, if there is a emoticon eg. ;) it'll actually be displayed so you can see the face clearly. The wink emoticon display with the ; above the ) and actually winks at you!!

ahhh.... little things....

Take a look for yourself