Designs of the time website launched.

I mentioned in my last entry that the new website for Dott 07 was launched on Monday the 3rd of July.

After two months of development time with the able assistance of Farcry and lots of research and text editing and question asking by my collegue and web editor, Claire Capaldi, we got the site up and running late on on Monday.The excellent design was created and cut up into lots of images and tables for us by BlueRiver. I spent a fair amount of time trying to do away with the table and replace it with a pure css/div design, but to no avail. CSS just doesn't cut it for more complex layouts. I asked for some help of the guys on the Scottish CFUG mailing list as well as on the CSS-Discuss list, but never managed to get a consistent display with different browsers and time was rapidly running away from me!

To be fair to CSS, most of the problem lies with the design having multiple panels in multiple columns. If there were only 2 or more columns and those columns were the panels, then it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, each of the articles I found on creating panels with corners using css had different issues when ever there were more than one panel on a page - fine if there was only one, but two or more just went "wrong" and went wrong differently on IE and FF.

Part of the wrong-ness I think is down to the way that different browsers interprete the CSS Box model and compute the various widths, as well as with problems of positioning images in the back of divs.

One of the things I'm quite pleased with myself for, is that I managed to integrate Ray Camden's BlogCFC into the farcry architecture. The admin was really simple to do - you can literally drop the admin files into a folder in the custom admin folder under farcry_core and create a custom admin menu for each of the sections in the admin. The front end less so and I'm not entirely happy with some of what I've done so I'm not going to say too much about that at the minute, other than to say that entries are displayed using rules/types and pods are done using dmInclude. You obviously need to mess with the layouts and I changed all the cfmodule references in any of the displays to use cfimport, so that I could have the tags anywhere I liked rather than in relative positions.

You also need to do some funky stuff with the config and the application.cfm, but once its in it actually works pretty well. Anyway - enough about that! I need to write a proper article about it really!

Claire does a splendid job of updating the blog and the home page daily and has also made sure that the purpose of Dott is now much clearer on the website than it has ever been.

The site has had lots of positive feedback so far and there is still a stack of work to be done to the site, as well as the additions that will need to be made as each of public commission and education projects come online, as more Dott events take place and showcases are identified!

Hi Stephen,

Great to see the site is live. Sorry to hear you didn't have much like with CSS. You should have tried They're a company in Russia that will take your design and give you back CSS/XHTML templates. Awesome. And it's really cheap.

Congratulations on your "news" too! Caroline and I are really happy for you both. :-) Very exciting.

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