Where'd I go???

Where to start!!

I blogged a while back that I started a new job with Designs of the time, or Dott 07 for short. Thats been keeping me busy through the day and we launched the new site on Monday the 3rd of July. You can see the site at http://www.dott07.com/

Other news, starting with the bad news I guess...Through the night of Friday June 30th, my Mum's dad, Gramps - Eric John Minton, passed away peacefully while in hospital. The funeral, which was this Friday just gone, was quite a joyfully celebration of his life. After the ceremony at the cremetorium the family, who had come from around the country, sat out in the garden enjoying the pleasant weather eating his favourite meal of Fish and chips from the local chippy. It was a slightly surreal day, given that only a few weeks previous we'd all been gathered for Nanna and Gramps' Diamond wedding anniversary. Gramps will be missed but not forgotten!

The happy news is my wife is now about 16 weeks pregnant! This will be our first child who is due, supposedly, on December the 17th! I've pretty much been getting home late-ish from work, doing some odds and ends of work at home, sorting out some bits and pieces around the house, sorting out food between us and then sitting down to watch a movie or some TV and my wife falling asleep on me by 10:30pm most nights!

To prepare for the forthcoming arrival of our child, currently called "The Alien", we've just had our loft converted into a usable space. The idea being that I will be relegated to the loft space with my computer and other office type furniture and the room currently used as an office will be redecorated and given to The Alien. The conversion is complete and carpet is arriving tomorrow, fitted on Thursday and I guess I'll be moving up there at the weekend! I need to sort out some of the "work-in-progress" photos and get them put on Flickr, so you see the work thats been done. At the budget price it was done for it is a very splendid space! I'm really looking forward to getting moved in up there!

weeyyy! congratualtions to be "Uncle Daddy Nil" :P
# Posted By Andrew | 3/13/08 9:39 PM

I like to think that this change is life (new job, new baby etc etc) is completely 100% down to the time you spent working in the office with us!

Or not. :) I hope you've started getting back out on to the sharp end too and leaving some more shoe rubber on the rocks of Newcastle!

# Posted By Tim Blair | 3/13/08 9:39 PM