BlogCFC 5.1 upgrade

Its always nice when a software upgrade goes smoothly...

I've just upgraded my blog software from BlogCFC 5.0.x to 5.1.002 and its all gone delightlyfully smooth, especially seeing as I got woken up at 4am to catch a mouse the cat brought in and I didn't get back to sleep after that.I did a bit of comparing using WinMerge between the layout.cfm tag and the style and layout css files, did a few merges where necessary. Compared my blog.ini.cfm with the new one, cleared out all the old stuff that is no longer needed and added in the allowgravatars entry.

I wrote myself a little updater for the the database to add the two new tables and add in the "verified" column to the subscribers table. I've attached it to this post if its of any use to anyone...

I ran my database updater on my live blog, pushed all the updated files up on to the server, then reinited the blog cache and hey presto chango! One updated blog!

I need to take a bit of a look at the new features, but it all looks good to me.

Cheers once again Raymond!