Farcry 3.0.1 administrator scope dump

I got a little annoyed at the scope dump feature in the admin section of Farcry's admin console today, so I rewrote it.

Please don't think for a minute that I'm having a go at farcry - I just needed this function to be a bit more friendly. ;)

The default is to dump the whole of the scope out, which is fine for scopes with only a few keys in them, like the request scope, but the application and session scopes are absolutely stuff with objects some of which are upto 5 levels deep (he says guestimating). Rendering all that html takes what feels like a life time complete and Firefox will tell you that a script may be having problems and ask you if you want to stop or continue.

What I've done is rewrite it with a little bit of javascript to relate the drop down of the scopes with a drop down of their top level keys, so that at least you only pick one key from a scope rather than all of the keys. Its pretty down and dirty, but it works...

The attached file belongs in /farcry_core/admin/admin/ folder.

Admittedly I did feel a little guilty changing a core file, but what the heck its only a small file and not like its part of the cfcs. Just make sure you keep a copy of the original scopeDump.cfm file if you decide you don't like my hack, but I do hope others find it useful.