Carbon footprinting

Working for an organisation like Designs of the time you start looking at everything you do and everything around you in a different way. One small part of what Dott is trying to promote is designing more a sustainable lifestyle. A small part of that is looking at ecological and carbon footprinting. Thinking about eco-footprinting has made me much more conscious of making sure I turn off lights behind me, switching the TV off of stand-by and making sure everything I can recycle is recycled.

One of the projects next year will be an education project based around ecological and carbon footprinting.A number of links have been floating around the office for different footprint quizzes as we look at what has been done and how we can do it differently and in an engaging way for Year 8 kids (13 year olds).

Probably my favourite one is this Carbon Footprint one from BP. Its a very nice bit of data-driven Flash animation, but it does frighten me that, while lower than the UK average of 9.85 tonnes a year, I am still the cause of 6 tonnes CO2 emissions every year! Thank goodness I take the metro to work everyday and don't drive into the city centre!