Farcry Bloodline navigation filter

I recently grabbed the latest nightly build from Jeff Coughlin and had it running a copy of our works website on my laptop for a few days before I put the updated fourq and farcry_core files on to the production server.

During the time I was working with it locally, I didn't notice any problems with it. It was all running really well. When I put it live it all continued to run really well. Except for the sudden panic from my colleague who does all the editing of content on the site!She'd been adding all sorts of new content for the launch on Tuesday of Dott's school's Eco Design Challenge.

A lot of the content she'd been adding was in draft mode waiting to be put live at the appropriate time and she'd been looking at the site in design mode for the last couple of days. When she switched back to "live mode" she got a shock when all the navigation for the new content stayed on the site! To start with we thought it was a caching issue, but, and cutting a long story short, it turns out that there has been some changes with the bloodlines tree method.

I have been using a navfilter with the bloodlines method to filter the results out, so that only those items with a status in request.mode.lvalidstatus would show up.

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2navfilter[1]="status IN (#listQualify(request.mode.lvalidstatus, "'")#)";

I didn't investigate too deeply, but it would seem that this filter has stopped working for bloodlines. Thats the bad news. The very very good news is that at some point bloodlines got a status argument!

In _genericNav.cfm, I changed :

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1qNav = evaluate("o."&attributes.functionMethod&"(objectid=attributes.navID, lColumns='externallink', "&attributes.functionArgs&", afilter=navFilter)");


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1qNav = evaluate("o."&attributes.functionMethod&"(objectid=attributes.navID, lColumns='externallink', "&attributes.functionArgs&", status=request.mode.lvalidstatus)");

and all the draft content disappeared into the background again.

I don't know when the status argument was added and I may have been utterly blind in the past when looking at the method, but I know its there now. :) Cheers guys.

I do have to say that the Eco characters that have been designed for Dott by NE6 look ace, so check them out, especially if you're somehow involved with Year 8 in a school in the North East of England. ;)