VMWare presentation.

I'd just like to thank everyone who turned up to the meeting either virtually or physically.

We had attendees from England, Scotland and America, as well as the UKCFUG guys who were at BSkyB's offices near Victoria.

Many thanks to Kev McCabe for presenting for us and providing hosting in his employer's offices.

If you missed the presentation because you were watching the football or for any other reason, you can watch the presentation here.

Apologies for the feed back at the beginning. Too many microphones and speakers switched on. :D

We had a couple of technical hitches, but nothing major.

I managed to confirm our next breeze meeting during Kev's presentation and I'm pleased to announce that Peter J. Farrell, one of the two presenters of the ColdFusion Weekly Podcast will be giving us a presentation on Mach-II on the evening of Thursday 19th October.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!