Blog Round Up : Week Ending 8th September

Seeing as Andy's broken his router and by association his personal website, for the next couple of weeks I'll be hosting Andy's Blog Round Up.

** Scottish ColdFusion User Group
Shameless self promotion
SCFUG September Meeting

New Adobe Captivate 2 Enables Rapid Creation of High-Impact eLearning Experiences
Adobe acquires InterAKT
Suggested MAX Session Path For CFers
The Greenest Office in America (One that intrigued me because of projects that are going on here at work)

Why I think you shouldn’t use Cairngorm

**Flex Data Service and ColdFusion
Do ColdFusion Developers Need Flex Data Services?

** Captcha
A couple that Andy missed last week.
Captchas: making them simpler, and dialing down the angst against them
Simplifying the captcha graphic in Lyla Captcha (and BlogCFC)

** Fusion Debug
FusionDebug : Why get excited? and Why Use FusionDebug