First day back

Well it was my first day back to work yesterday after Christmas and paternity leave and a slightly stressful day its was.

First up I didn't really want to leave the house without my 3 week old son and secondly I had to hand in my notice.

I haven't actively been looking for a new job as I enjoy working here at Designs of the time, but a permanent ColdFusion development role turned up and I had to investigate the possibility.My contract here at Dott is only a fixed term by the very nature of the project.

I think this project is great and I love working with everyone here. Unfortunately, good CF posts, particularly permanent ones, don't appear in the Northeast of England very often, so when I got asked to go and have a chat with Mike White at Knowledge House I had to go and find out more.

After a long chat with Mike about the Knowledge House and the services and products that they provide as well as discussing what my role would be.

After this conversation I got asked back for a more formal chat with the Business Development Director and one of the Technical users of their system at which time I was asked if I would like the position. So in a months time I will be moving to a new role with Knowledge House. Knowledge House is a collaborative service provided by all the Universities of the Northeast. I'll be helping to maintain, further develop and provide training for their KHIS application, so they should keep me out of trouble and in beer money for the foreseeable future. ;)

I'm not looking forward to leaving Dott, but I am looking forward to my new job, so I'm kind of in a weird state of flux at the minute as well as my head spinning thinking about all the things that need to be documented for hand over!

Anyway, on with work and writing some articles on Farcry seeing as Geoff let me have access to update the source and I've been tinkering with the farcrycms library. :)