Scotch! The new Martini in '007

In the words of Tiffany Case, "I'm very impressed, there's a lot more to you than I imagined.".

The repertoire for Scotch has rapidly expanded in the last couple of days. Message, secret ones if you're to believe Andy's Scotch addled mumblings, have arrived confirming 4 new speakers and 2 new sponsors for Scotch.

The two new sponsors are FirstServ and Railo. FirstServ are our first Gold level Sponsor and Railo will be a bronze sponsor.

The 4 new speakers are : Firstserv's David Pratt, Railo's Gert Franz, Steven Webster of Adobe Consulting and last, but not least, SystemForge's Peter Bell.

With the new speakers, we're now up to 10 speakers for the conference and we're busily confirming topics and starting to build an agenda. If you want to see the complete list of speakers have a look on the Scotch website here :

Next week we'll be getting the payment processing up and running, so that you'll be able to start purchasing tickets for the conference.