SCFUG January Meeting : Ray Camden on Model-Glue

While I have a few minutes of not staring at James and grinning stupidly I thought I best post this before I forget.

On the night of Thursday 18th January at 8pm, Ray Camden will be giving us a presentation on Model-Glue.

The URL for the meeting is : Adobe Connect Meeting For international times for the meeting please see : Time and Date

Who's Ray Camden? He's the guy that was less famous than Andy Allan at the CFDevCon in November. ;) Ray has created the software that runs this blog, as well as a number of other Open Source products and RIAForge, a centralised repository for Open Source projects based on Adobe technologies.

What is Model-Glue? Model-Glue is a ColdFusion-based framework that's designed to make your life easy. It separates presentation from business logic (MVC!), does repetitive work for you (scaffolds!), and plays well with other open-source ColdFusion frameworks (ColdSpring! Reactor!)

"(ColdSpring! Reactor!)"

Wait until Monday, it'll play just as nice with Transfer, too ;).

# Posted By Joe Rinehart | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Would you believe I forgot who in the heck I talked to about this meeting? ;) I'm just checking in to make sure everything is still a go. I've got 2pm Central for the time. Can you ping me via email just to make sure I don't have a panic attack?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
One email sent. Panic attack averted. ;)
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/13/08 9:39 PM