Adobe Creative Licence Tour - Newcastle

If you haven't already heard about the Creative Licence Tour, you really should have a look in.

I'll be attending the afternoon session in Newcastle upon Tyne, which is the "Web and Rich Internet Application Development using Flash, Flex, AIR and ColdFusion 8".

There are also sessions through the day on web design with CS Web Premium, photoshop for photographers and cross media design with CS Design Premium.

For more information and to register (I'm not sure what places are still available) take a look here :

If you fancy trying to catch up with me I'll try to be carrying/wearing something suitably User Group ish - otherwise I'll most likely be lugging my laptop around in a Macromedia bag (There will be only one!) ;) Or you can look up my ugly mug on my flickr account (look in the bottom right of this page)

I hope I'll get to meet some of you there.