Andy Allan goes MAX

MAX Europe that is!

I notice from from Ted on Flex's Blog that MAX is now sold out! And I know why!
Its not cos Ted blogged about the rapidly decreasing numbers of tickets left. Its not because its going to be an awesome conference (which unfortunately I can't attend). Its because Andy Allan has been asked to speak at Max!

Andy has been asked to speak about ColdFusion Server Monitor and Troubleshooting and will be talking at the same time as Ben Forta, Sean Corfield, Ted Patrick and Dirk Eismann. If you're at MAX you should go and show Andy your love by attending his superb and highly informative presentation.

I'm now going to run and hide before the Scotsman comes looking for me to cause me bodily pain for broadcasting this to the entire world. ;oD

Andy who?
# Posted By Russ Michaels | 3/13/08 9:39 PM