Micro Blogging and social networking

I've been meaning to post this for a while.

I've been messing about on twitter and pownce for a while now and not really told anyone. If you you want to join me/follow me you'll find me at http://www.pownce.com/mr_nil/ for pownce or http://twitter.com/mr_nil for Twitter.

If you don't follow me, you should at least follow the Scotch on the Rocks pownce and twitter, so that you can get the latest updates on the conference as they happen! ;o)

I also recently signed up on Facebook - I have no idea how to point you to my facebook profile, but if you search for the Scottish ColdFusion User Facebook Group, then you should find me.

I'm also on LinkedIn - there's a button down at the bottom right of my blog to get to my profile.

I'm also on all sorts of IM, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM. Ask me for details if you want to get in touch via IM.