Snipex Snipathon - the gloves come off.

I happened to glance at google reader and spotted that Andy Allan had posted a new entry - snip... snip... snip.... I generally read Andy's blog anyway to see what he's not been telling me about already, but this time I was... what the hell are you on about!?! So I went straight ahead and read it - be damned with the other 317 unread items!

Turns out Todd Sharp is running a grand Snip-a-thon competition to get us all using his most excellent new site

Now I've been meaning to use CFSnippets for a while, as well as making better use of snippets in cfeclipse, but not actually got around to it, so now I've got a challenge for myself!

  • Use snippets more
  • Upload the snippets to
  • Add all those Farcry snippets I've been promising myself I would do
  • beat Andy Allan

Nothing like a friendly bit of competition. ;)

UPDATE: I should probably mention that I'm mr_nil on snippex, twitter and pretty much anywhere else you might see that name....