Domain Names of America - the new ploy!

This is gonna be brief - If you don't know Domain Names of America, be thankful. If you do, you'll know about their tactics of emailing people when your domain name is due to expire giving you directions of how to re-register your domain using thier site. Basically, the email misleads the unwary into transfering their domains to them.

Well, I got post (snail mail) yesterday morning from Domain Names of America! The contents of the post was a form to re-register one of my domains that is coming up for renewal!

Half way down the page is a small bold notice that says that this is not a bill, but doesn't point out that they don't actually manage your domain!! I was so annoyed I ripped the letter up into small pieces and binned it very quickly, but I thought I would just post a quick note to bring this to people's attention, specifically if the domain names you manage have client details for administrative purposes. "Clients" aren't always the brightest bunch and could accidently transfer domains away from your control c/o this latest pile of junk by DNoA.

I guess as well you should always inform your Customers about these type of things, and ensure they know that you will be renewing their Domain Automagically ;)
# Posted By Big Mad Kev | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Yes indeed! Education is the best preventive....
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
I worked for a company, who before i started fell into that company's tactics. They bought into a Ten Year deal (gak!).lol! Interestingly enough they have actually reworded some of the verbage after they fell into a class action suit and lost (company received a check for like $8.95). They have actually have been around for quite awhile. READ, READ, READ before you fall victim.
# Posted By Tim Davis | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
They've been sending these misleading letters to my clients and me for years. I tend to just send them back in the return envelope without a stamp and taking care to cut out any personalised details (so they can't claim I've agreed to anything).
# Posted By Julian Halliwell | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Haven't they been closed down yet, bloody cowboys. I have had a few clients fall for that scam too.
# Posted By Russ michaels | 3/13/08 9:39 PM
Think they have been barred from operating in the US and possibly Canada as well (not sure). Done as I always do with unsolicited mail - return in their envelope and if it requires a stamp, send unstamped.
# Posted By Andy Wilson | 6/5/08 4:40 PM
This company changes names often. They are located in Canada. The problem with this thread is Domain Names Of America -- is a legitimate enterprise and you're getting it mixed up or confused with the scamming company from Canada. Domain Names Of America is a Go Daddy/ Wild West Domains reseller and NOT associated with "Domain Registry of America" or "Liberty Names Of America". Please correct this post. Thanks!
# Posted By Paul | 8/15/08 6:37 PM