Farcry 4 : Beta in flux.

Very very quick note.

There have been some great posts and a lot of interest in Farcry 4 recently, which is excellent to see.

Just a little warning though.... If you're thinking of looking into Farcry 4, leave it a couple of days.

The guys at Daemon are doing a lot of work on it to make into a more cohesive product. These changes will take Farcry 4 to Beta 2.

"farcry_core" will be becoming just plain "core", so calls to core code will be farcry.core.packages etc.
"farcry_lib" will be becoming "plugins" - just a change of terminology.
"fourq" will no longer be a separate entity and will included as part of the farcry core.

Or at least that's what I was told at 9:30am this morning - it may change yet. ;)

It should be good! And I'm looking forward to playing with the new build.

Thanks for keeping people up to date. Just released a heads up to the farcry-beta forum:
# Posted By Geoff Bowers | 3/13/08 9:39 PM