Scotch on the Rocks - Update

If you haven't already seen Online Registration is now available for Scotch '007 - Just head on over to the site and click on the banner on the home page.

If you still interested in paying by bank transfer or cheque, give Andy and I a shout via scotch at scottishcfug dot com.

Scotch also has a couple of new sponsors. Integral will be sponsoring the lanyards for Scotch as well as supplying us with copies of FusionDebug and Fusion Reactor to give away as prizes at the conference. Knowledge House, my new employers as it happens, also join the list of Bronze sponsors and will be giving me some stuff to put in the delegate's swag bags.

I should also give honourable mention to Fuzzy Orange - Andy Allan's company, who have upped their sponsorship to the silver level. Big thank to Andy for all his efforts in heading up organising this event.

I've also posted a draft of the agenda on to the site for your delight and delectation. We've got a great bunch of speakers and I'm looking forward to seeing as many of them speak as possible. Take a look for yourselves at

Anyway, back to work for me ;)