SQL Server 2005 TCP/IP Connections

More of a note to self than anything else....

Changes you need to make in order to get a TCP/IP connection working and use SQL Server Users, rather than windows users.Don't forget to enable mixed mode authentication - if you forget you'll get "The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server Connection." and you'll need to go into the server properties, security and change server authentication from "Windows" to "SQL Server and Windows".

You also need to tell SQL Server 2005 to enable TCP/IP Connections. Open "SQL Server Configuration Manger" - "SQL Server 2005 Network Config" - "Protocols" - Change TCP/IP to enabled. What you also need to do is open up the properties, go into the "IP Addresses" tab, scroll all the way to the bottom to the "IPAll" section, change dynamic ports to be blank and put "1433", or whatever your chosen SQL Server port number is, in to the TCP Port box.

After that you're flying... :)

PS. Vista.... Not pleasant, but not as horrible as I expected. Although I will be happier when I get an extra GB of ram in this machine!