Updated SCFUG website.

I finally made some time to redo the Scottish ColdFusion User Group website.

Big thank you to Martin Jones (who still needs his own website! ;) ) for putting together the design and css. Sorry its taken me so long to get around to doing something with it.

The content is a little lacking at the minute, but at least I've got a nice new site design to put it into as I get a chance.

I plan to put up the information about the Connect/Breeze meetings we've held so far and information about meetings to be held in the future in the Events section. Currently, the future online meetings are kinda on hold while Andy, Kev and myself organise Scotch '007

I've posted the recent job advert from Neil Barr of Alienation for a Senior Web Developer in the jobs sections. (Email jobs at scottishcfug dot com if you want to post your job averts up there as well. NOTE: Agencies need to apply!)

I want to post items of note from IT news and the "blogosphere" in the news section (Email me @ stephen at scottishcfug dot com if you have any suggestions) as well as news from the group itself.

If you aren't already, go to the sign up section to sign up to the SCFUG google group. There's all sorts of people on there, so you should always be able to get an answer to any web development question you might have, as well as get to find out the UG news first.

If you've got any suggestions of content to go on the site, then please don't hesitate to drop me an email or catch me at Scotch. ;)