Farcry 4.01 Released!

The beta of Farcry 4, code name Gonzales, has been available since July of last year and has undergone some major work and changes.

About a month ago, Farcry 4 was quietly released, because the plug-ins weren't ready for 1.0.0 release. Now Farcry 4.01 has been officially with 3 plug-ins.

Farcry 4.01 was released at about 9:30am GMT today with 3 plug-ins. Download the suite at http://www.farcrycms.org/go/downloads

Included in the suite is :

  • core (4.0.1)
  • plugins/farcrycms (1.0.0)
  • plugins/farcrycfximage (1.0.0)
  • plugins/googleMaps (1.0.0)

Documentation for Farcry 4's new features is steadily expanding. If you have problems with the port number of the wiki, some documentation can be found on the Google Groups.

The Farcry-Dev and Farcry-Beta are excellent places to get more information and help with Farcry and developing with Farcry.

If you're coming to Scotch it would appear that I'll be giving a presentation on Farcry, so I'll be able to tell you more about its new features there!

A big thanks to Geoff Bowers and his team at Daemon Internet Consultants for all their hard work with this release of FarCry.