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And now for another follow on post...

I read Nick Tong's post the other day on getting today's emails from GMail. That got me to thinking - is there an easy way to solve my pet annoyance....

How do I see the unread emails in my inbox or under any label?!

The answer was, typically, very simple:

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1in:inbox is:unread
Will get all the unread emails in my inbox.

view plain print about
1label:my-label is:unread
Well give all the unread emails with "My Label". Make sure you replace the spaces in your label with "-".

Like Leif, all I need now is a way to get my email to load up like this!

You can also do label:unread.
Back when gmail first started up, you could actually make a new label and name it "unread".
That would give you a label you could click on on the left menu that would show you all unread mail.
Unfortunately, for reasons we will never understand, they disabled that ability...

I have it set up on one of my mail accounts and it makes life easier!
# Posted By Ken Auenson | 3/13/08 9:39 PM