Scottish CFUG Meetings - Present and Future

Next Tuesday (24th July 2007 - 8pm GMT) will see the Scottish ColdFusion User Group hosting Scott Stroz giving an online presentation on Sorting and Filtering Data in Flex 2.Everyone is welcome, so if you're interested in attending, just visit the SCFUG website ( for details!

We're also currently asking on the SCFUG Google Group, "What would you like to see presentations on?"

Currently the list stands at :

  • Configuring ColdFusion in Distributed Mode
  • Transfer
  • Event Gateways
  • ANT/SVN/Trac
  • MG2/MG:Flex
  • AIR
  • Building Applications using CFCs (Framework free)
  • ColdFusion OOP

What would you like to see presented at one of our online meetings? Join us on the list or leave your suggestions on the comments here.