Farcry 4 training course released.

Farcry is my CMS of choice and have the privilege of being a contributor to the code-base, so I'm a little biased.

I'm also pretty terrible at reading books and documentation, I learn better by getting my hands dirty, but even I have to admit that the documentation for Farcry 3 was pretty sparse. The Farcry 4 the online docs are a lot better and now there is a brilliant addition to that documentation.

This morning Geoff Bowers released the Daemon Farcry 4 Training Manual under Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use.

The training manual covers their 3 day course and give 122 pages of goodness that should help anyone get started with the basics and some of the more advanced techniques.

I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in Farcry take a good long look at this manual.