Scotch on the Rocks - Tickets on Sale!

Tickets for Scotch on the Rocks have gone on sale this morning!

If you buy your ticket before 1st March you can get get £100 off the price of the ticket!That's right! £100 saving!

There are two types of ticket available this year; Your standard delegate pass, which is available for £199 and a company flexipass for £299 for the three days.

So what's the difference? Why does the company Flexipass cost more?
The standard ticket is for one named delegate only, so only one person can use that pass to attend all three days of the conference.
The Flexipass can be used by one delegate per day. Its often difficult for any of us to justify being away from our desk for one day, let alone 3 days. What the Flexipass allows a company to do is send a different member of your development team each day.

So why should you attend Scotch on the Rock 2008?

Take a look at the agenda and the speaker list!! There are some amazing speakers and topics at the conference this year! International speakers such as Matt Woodward, Peter Bell, Ben Forta, Toby Tremayne (coming all the way from Australia). European speakers such as Peter Elst (from Belgium) and local speakers such as Mark Drew and Neil Middleton, plus many many more!

The topics at the conference cover anything from CF/Flex and ColdFusion and PDF, Railo, AIR APIs through to LiveCycle Data Services and Blaze!

Why wouldn't you attend this conference!?! Why are you reading my blog still and not buying your tickets and booking your hotel room! ;)