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This week I wrote the round-up in ScribeFire and posted up to Mango Blog.  Only flaw in the plan is I have to remember to manually add an excerpt to the top of the round-up and double check the categories.  (I just noticed that ScribeFire/MangoBlog some how dropped some of my selected categories)

This weeks round-up has ended up with 3 distinct threads, Source Control and all that goodness, ColdFusion frameworks and Open Bluedragon updates.

So lets crack on...

Subversion Branching Preso Online
Sean Corfield has posted his SVN Branching presentation from A Wee Dram.  I didn't make it down for the one day event and would have liked to have seen this presentation, but having read through Sean's presentation it looks like I work with svn the same way as Sean anyway!  Alway nice to know you aren't completely insane! ;)

While I'm adding an svn related link - here's another Terry Ryan has created an unfuddlecfc to help with backing up their svn hosting at

Also, if you're hosting your own SVN/Trac installations and you're using TOCMacro on your trac environment you need to upgrade this plugin. Take a look here for why : Trac sporadic hang solved

Well this round-up seems to be taking a bit of a source control and ticketing theme to it, so here's another related post! Ray Camden has released a much updated Lighthouse Pro 2.5

Moving on from source control and bug tracking - Congrats to Mark Mandel for his first post on Adobe Devnet with his An Introduction to ColdFusion frameworks article. Even if you know what CF frameworks are out there, this provides a neat summary of the general features and design patterns behind each of them, as well as helping provide a clear distinction between MVC frameworks, dependancy injection and data persistence. 

For more information on frameworks, while Sean Corfield was over in the UK for A Wee Dram he also gave a "Design Patterns" presentation at the Devon CFUG and Tom Chiverton will be presenting on ColdSpring for the ColdFusion Meetup Group on the 16th of October.
It would seem that  my round up this week has some very definite threads!  The next blog post of interest is also on ColdSpring! Scott Stroz has a interesting post on using Coldspring Interceptors with Remote Proxies.

Moving away from frameworks, Matt Woodward has posted a couple of updates on what has been going on with Open Bluedragon. Lots going on with Open BlueDragon and Digging Deeper into the Java Underpinnings of Open Bluedragon

And finally, to end on a humours note - take a look at a slice of life at Alagad and Andy Jarrett's Friday Joke.

thank u for the useful links, i 'm a CUDA programming developper and i need Subversion or tracking system in my team-projects.
keep up ur hard work.
I look forward to reading more of your Blog
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