First Post with Mango Blog

So this is my first post with Mango Blog!

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.  I like the skin that I've downloaded and used on here as a quick fix and I kinda like the admin interface.  Its... different to what I'm used to, but I'll get used to it.

The one thing that has annoyed me about Mango Blog, and yes I know its a known issues, but it shouldn't be an issue.... code blocks.....  They only sort of work and you have to disable TinyMCE if you want to use them.  bah bloody humbug I say!

In the admin folder you'll find layout.cfm. This is where TinyMCE is initialised.  To the extended_valid_elements add ",code[class]".  This will stop TinyMCE from stripping out the <code></code> tags.  Then add "remove_linebreaks : false," somewhere in the init.  I've inserted it straight after the mode: "exact", entry on mine.  This prevents TinyMCE from stripping out linebreaks, so that your preformatted code doesn't end up all on one line.

 Next time you edit a blog entry, you'll still have to use the HTML button to edit the source code, but at least now you can add code blocks without TinyMCE trashing them.  Hope that helps someone.

 Next job...  Get my LastFM page working again and add something so I can have BlogCFC style text blocks.

Cool! I will add this to my files tonight :) thanks for looking into this problem.
# Posted By Josh Rodgers | 3/24/08 12:27 PM
Hi Nil,
Thank you for taking the time to fix this and thanks for trying Mango out!

All suggestions are welcomed, so if you find things that you don't like, I am interested in knowing about them.

I think getting the LastFM page to work should be pretty straight forward to do by creating a plugin similar to Seb's youtube plugin: or Josh's Brighcove plugin. Just an idea.

What are text blocks by the way?
# Posted By Laura | 3/25/08 6:23 AM
I'll take a look at Seb's youtube plugin. I think you're right something like that should do the trick.

Text blocks are bits of common bits of code that you can include into a blog post or page. For instance, my last Scotch on the Rocks post included a javascript widget for Hostel Bookers. The JS widget was stored separately and then included on the entry when its rendered. The text block can be used in a multiple locations and not just in the one block entry.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/28/08 3:35 PM
I think the text blocks are also a great job for a plugin. So when you want to add a text block, how do you specify it? I mean, how do you say what block of text to add?
# Posted By Laura | 3/29/08 10:47 PM
It probably wouldn't be that dissimilar to Seb's youtube plugin, except that the videoid would be an identifier that you set when you add the text block via the admin interface.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 3/31/08 9:24 AM
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# Posted By spider | 11/11/08 12:09 AM

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# Posted By Mango Blog Hosting | 1/4/09 6:22 AM
Looks like this is now in a cfinclude file called editorSettings.cfm. And I believe in the newer version the code[class] setting is already added.
# Posted By Brent | 1/24/09 6:36 PM