Upgraded to MangoBlog 1.0

Well I've just updated my blog to use Mango Blog 1.0.  It all looks great!

I'm pleased to see a couple of the things I mentioned from my first post, as well as the adjustment to TinyMCE that allows you to add <code></code> tags to your post.

I've added back in a couple of the buttons for TinyMCE editor that I find handy. These are blockquote, pasteword, fullscreen plugin and preview plugin. I added the following line to the admin/layout.cfm file in the TinyMCE config.  You'll also need to add fullscreen and preview to the plugin config attributes.

view plain print about
1theme_advanced_buttons2 : "blockquote,pasteword,fullscreen,preview",

This gives me the ability to add quotes to my posts, paste in from word (and other places that might have dodgy formatting), expand the editor to the full area of the browser window (I think I'm getting old I need a nice big editable area) and a quick preview of my entry. 

If you want to find out more about this release of Mango blog take a look here on the Mango Blog website.

So where the bloody hell have I been??  Well I've been busy at work.  This Software Development Manager lark seems to keep me busy with all sorts.  I've set up SVN and Trac and we've been migrating slowly from Team Coherence to SVN.  I've also set up a Snipex server for our developers. Thanks to Todd Sharp for the code to CFSnippets.org. I've been having a good tinker with jQuery recently, as well as looking at a bit of Flex, along with cracking on with a variety of client work.

Along with working I've been having great fun with my son (and the wife of course), who is now nearly 16 months old and running around everywhere, climbing over anything and everything and trying to repeat everything we say!

If I fail to keep up with writing proper blog entries, you can always find me on the new IRC, twitter.com.