SCFUG : Pair Programming Using TDD with Ben Nadel and Peter Bell

I'm pleased to announce that the Scottish ColdFusion User Group  will be holding a very special online meeting on the evening of Thursday 8th May. We will have not one, but two very distinguished speakers.

Ben Nadel and Peter Bell will be joining us in a Adobe Connect meeting from New York City to talk to us and demonstrate Pair Programming Using TDD.

Ever wondered what Pair Programming is like? Ever been interested in how Test Driven Development really works? In this special connect session, Ben Nadel ( and Peter Bell ( will be pair programming using a Test Driven Development process - live from NYC and without a safety net! :->

They'll start with a simple set of requirements for an object and using MX Unit will use a Test Driven Development approach to come up with a working design. The approach/naming will be strongly influenced by Behavior Driven Design - one of the most interesting recent developments in developer testing.

The session will start with a five minute introduction to the ideas behind pairing, TDD and BDD and the rest of the time will be a spontaneous pairing session to give a sense of how pairing and TDD really work in practice.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 8th May 2008 at 8PM BST.  For international time take a look at this time and date link :

The URL to join the Connect meeting will be :

Everyone is welcome!  The connect meeting room will open 15 minutes before the meeting. 

I'm very excited about this meeting and I look forward to seeing you all there.

I just want to be REALLY sure about this. 8pm GMT or 8pm British Summer Time? If you want it to be when the little hand is at eight on the watches, for May 8th that's not 8pm GMT.

Just want to be really sure as it's messing with my head whether we should be available 3pm EST (for 8pm BST) or 4pm EST for 8pm GMT (which would be 9 o'clock for anyone in the UK).

Pleeease help - my head's starting to hurt!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 4/29/08 11:35 PM

Should clear it up,I remember an issue last year turning up an hour late.

I think Stephen means 8pm BST, as 8 pm GMT would mean 9PM and thus very late ;)
# Posted By Big Mad Kev | 4/29/08 11:42 PM
Heh - oh yeah! We're in BST now aren't we!

I'll sort out the meeting time link, so that it takes this into account.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 4/30/08 8:50 AM
Fantastic, look forward to it. And it's at a time after my kids have gone to bed. Makes a change as that's why I usually miss the Connect meetings :-(
# Posted By James Buckingham | 4/30/08 8:57 AM
Will this be recorded? I'd love to see it but won't be able to at that time.
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 4/30/08 4:05 PM
@Bob - Yes the meeting is being recorded.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 5/8/08 8:05 PM
The Adobe Connect link above says the session has ended. Is the recorded meeting available? Can you provide a link to it please?
# Posted By rex | 11/27/08 11:56 AM
Rex you can get to the recording here :
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 11/27/08 1:08 PM