SOTR 2008: Early Bird - The end is nigh!

Last chance to get your early bird prices for Scotch on the Rocks!! Last chance to get £100 off the price of your ticket! 
Do it now! Tomorrow will be too late!

Find out about the speakers and topics that will be being discussed :
There might even be some Open Bluedragon discussions that aren't on the agenda... Given that 4 of the committee members will be at the conference... ;)

Register and purchase your tickets here :


There will be 6 actually; Alan Williamson, Andy Wu, Sean Corfield, Matt Woodward, Mark Drew and myself
# Posted By Andy Allan | 4/30/08 3:44 PM
See now I didn't even realise that Messer Williamson and Wu were gracing us with their presence!
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 4/30/08 3:49 PM