Pair Programming Session Recording

Many thanks to Peter Bell and Ben Nadel for an excellent session on Paired Programming Using Test Driven Development.

I call it a session rather than a presentation, because it really was Ben and Peter taking part in a paired programming exercise on Peter's MBP using CFEclipse and MXUnit for to build a simple "user" cfc.

The back and forth banter made me realise that while I don't go out of my way to do pair programming it is something that I do already do.  In fact I even did some Paired Programming earlier today.   Paired Programming with Test Driven Development isn't really about the big architecture questions.  Its about the small details and making sure that they are all caught and covered.  But it can be about even smaller details.  Peter and Ben discussed even the fact that functions should be written with in lower camel case ie getFirstName as opposed to GetFirstName.  Having watch Ben's recent recording on his ClearCode Standards Project, I also noted Ben putting some of his coding style and layout into even the test cases, making them more readable.  While this last wasn't discussed, I know from what Peter said in the session and from previous emails, that in an earlier session between Ben and Peter, he'd come to prefer some of Ben's code styles for readbility.

Test driven development is something I've been trying to get into for a long time, but never managing to get a foot in the door because of time contraints and a lack of a mentor.  What Peter and Ben's session made me realise was that I've been over complicating my unit tests. K.I.S.S  is the rule for unit testing. Start your unit testing as soon as you even think about writing the first and tags.

Take a look at the recording.

I've definately taken a few things away from it.  I hope you do too.

Right, Tuesday morning MX Unit is getting installed! =)

I love these types of forward thinking development methods, there's always more to be learnt and what a good way to learn!

Fair enough it does mean time is lost that could be spent on other projects but the quality of the project that's been worked on will undoubtably benefit from pairing.

And unit testing - it scares me a little I haven't been introduced to it earlier!
# Posted By Chris W | 5/11/08 1:01 PM