Scotch on the Rocks 2008 Reviews

Scotch on the Rocks 2008 has come to an end and speakers, delegates, sponsors and organisers have all headed off in their seperate directions. now comes the time to review the conference.

Two of my colleagues from Enigma Interactive attended the conference; one of the Thursday and one on the Friday. One of the proviso's of them attending the conference is that they do some form of presentation and knowledge transfer to the other developers, producers and managers in the company.  As a starting point they have written up a quick summary of the sessions that they attended and an associated document that details their notes/take on those sessions.

As I actually took holiday to attend I didn't have to write anything up, also I didn't get to see that much of the session. Instead I thought it might be of interest for work colleagues to see the kind of people that attend and speak at Scotch on the Rocks and their comments on the conference. 

So here's a little about the conference and a link to a published Google Doc that I'll keep updating as I find additional reviews.

The conference had in the region of 180 attendee on each day from across the globe, coming from Australia, New Zealand, US, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France and some little place called the UK.

The attendee range from CEOs and CTOs of various organisations, through analysts and senior developers down to the "lowly" developer of ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, AIR and AJAX applications.

Speakers and Sponsors are also from all walks of the business world, including senior members of Adobe, Railo and Open Bluedragon.

Highlight of the conference has to be Railo announcing that it was going Open Source under an lGPL licence in partnership with  For more information I'd suggest looking at Andrew J. Mercer's blog for an aggregation of announcement blog posts and other information.

You can find the Google Doc of reviews here :

If you have any additional reviews you like me to add that I've missed, please feel free to ping me via comments or email.  I'm hoping that this will provide a good resource to help anyone persuade their boss that they should attend, sponsor, exhibit at or speak at Scotch on the Rocks (or any conference) in 2009.


are you sure it was "only" like 130 attendants? Andy talked about a figure around 180.

Plus, I'm pretty sure, you missed some countries... among those I know for sure are Austria, Germany, and, I think there also was one guy from Romania. ;-)

Anyways, thank you all for a great conference!


# Posted By Christoph Schmitz | 6/10/08 8:19 AM

Thanks for spotting the typo. You are right - it was around 180. Can't read my own writing!

I only listed the countries for the people I spoke to, but I'm sure you're right that there were people from Austria and Germany and it wouldn't be the first time we've had guys from Romania. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the conference. Hope to see you again next year.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 6/10/08 9:03 AM
Arrgh, the link to doesn´t work. Could you fix it please?
# Posted By Billigflug | 9/9/08 12:48 PM
@Billigflug Works for me.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 9/9/08 9:14 PM