Scotch on the Rocks : Day One

Scotch has begun! The turn out is superb and despite a few minor problems everything seems to be going great!

I've just done a quick head count and it looks like we have about 130 delegates here at the minute. There are a bunch of unclaimed passes and a bunch of people that will be here on other days, so I think we're probably looking at more as the day goes by and on the other days.

I'm currently sitting in Matt Woodward's session on General OO, enjoying a little bit of a sit down after running around with Kev, Jatin, Andy and his better half, Leanne, making sure everything was ok for speakers in the first sessions.

We've had a couple of hiccups, but I think a lot of the lessons we learnt from last year's Scotch on the Rocks are coming in to play and definitely feels to be running smoother than last year.

Well, best sign off, soon be time for the next session... Who to look in on?? Peter Bell - requirements and Estimating or Nicolas Lieman - Web Analytics for the developer? I'll probably just float.

Hope everyone is enjoying the conference so far! Tonight's BOF on Open Bluedragon should be interesting!! Hope to see you there and catch up with as many of you as possible.