Scotch on the Rocks: Railo joins JBoss!

Amazing news heard first at Scotch on the Rocks!
Railo has joined the jboss community! What does this mean?

Railo will be going to two versions. Railo Community, which will be Open Source under the lGPL licence and Railo Enterprise, which will include the likes of their new CFVideo tag and CFDocument tag.

Becoming part of the JBoss community opens up CFML to a huge new community of application developers with the possibility of integration with the likes of Hibernate and JBoss Cache with takes like cfdata and cfcache

Whether these tags see the light of day will be down to the Railo Community.

Why JBoss? Its a big Java community that can help much more with development of the application server. There are so many possibilities and to be honest some of it is a bit above my head, but be sure I will be reading up on it and watching what happens!

There's not much there at the minute, but you will be able to find Railo Community here : and I'll leave any more commentary to people more knowledgeable than myself.

So, when exactly did you get a chance to blog this then? I'm sure you must have cloned yourself... good stuff this year, well done!!
# Posted By Ed Marshall | 6/5/08 10:37 PM
Very good blog and informativ themes. Thanks and best regards
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