Blog Roundup #3

A bit later than usual..... I've been busy at work this week (not that I get any peace at other times) and haven't really read through my stack of blogs this week, so this may be a brief round up.

Most importantly...  ahem.... Me! ;)

I had an issue with ExpandPath() and this is how I solved it.  Incidently, it would seem I'm not the only one to notice this problem. Andy Allan mentioned to me that he'd blogged a similar issue with application based mappings and expandPath() (Sorry Andy couldn't find the entry).
TinyMCE Plugin for Mango Blog 
I done created a plugin for Mango Blog that helps with managing tinyMCE.  Its probably rubbish...

Having used Andy Allan's name in vain, I should probably point out that A Wee Dram is now fully booked and they will throw food at you if you turn up without a ticket.

John Whish has a post from last Friday on using Subqueries for performance gains

Sean Corfield posts on Broadchoice's Argument Collection an article on Hibernate and Inheritance.  I must admit I've only starred it and not read it properly yet.

Marcos Placona has posted a couple ColdFusion Related Links on his blog.  I particularly liked the PHP link. ;)

Charlie Arehart has posted his 12 page review of FusionReactor 3 from FACQ on his blog. Its a very good introduction to FR. The blog entry also provides reasons as to why you should use FR with CF8 Ent as well.

Sean Corfield notes that Gert has announced Railo 3.0 This is a FREE version of Railo. The Open Source version comes at version 3.1.

Ray Camden has released an update to BlogCFC that includes a few bug fixes including one critical bug and he is also showing his love for CF9! (That sounds worse than it really is!)

Matt Woodward has posted his Architecting for Multiple UIs presentation on his blog.  Well worth a watch this one.

I haven't been on twitter much this week, but I usually do have Twhirl open. Andy Jarrett has posted on how to find other ColdFusion twitterers.

Did I mention this before? Paul Marcotte has posted a series of blog entries on his foray into Test Driven Development

Andrew Shorten has posted his 10 AIR applications you can't live without. There's some neat applications in there; Some that I already use and some I've not seen before. 

I'm sure there's other stuff, but these are the one that have caught my attention. 

Lastly, I've reduced the strength of my comments captcha back down to the one I had on my blogcfc version and you can now also subscribe to category specific rss feeds. You always could subscribe to category specific feeds, only this MB skin didn't have the rss links visible.

Have a good weekend!