Blog Round up 19 Feb 2009

Ack!  I really should keep up with these things.  I've been reading through a couple of new blogs, looking at extJS and playing with Sun's GlassFish as a possible alternate java server for ColdFusion.

Well, Gary Fenton joked that I should change my blog slogan to "I read 100 blogs so YOU don't have to!", now I actually do read 100 blogs! Well 102 to be precise! hmmm make that 103...  No idea why, but Adam Lehman's blog wasn't on my list!

Recently added to the roll call are :

cfsearching, recommended to me by Ray Camden when we were talking about his post on reading office documents with CF. Leigh from cfsearching helped Ray solve the problems using POI and reduce the code quite dramatically.

Jon Dowdle, who I picked up when I saw a post on formatting SQL come through on Twitter. Jon needs to get some new blog software that has a working RSS feed ;) like Adam Bertram did when he moved his blog, i_am_a_geek to BlogCFC.

Making my 100th blog subscription is Ricardo Parente, who came to my attention again via Twitter with a post entitled Knowing ColdFusion. This article and 101 subscription Pablo Varando's article controversially titled "ColdFusion is Dead" make for some really interesting reading. While you're at it have a look at John Beynon's "<enter product name here> is dead" post for a giggle. ;)

Last but not least I noticed that UK ColdFusion developer Duncan Cummings has been blogging, so his blog makes 102 subscriptions. ;)

I've already mentioned a few interesting reads so far, but here, finally, is the round-up.

ColdFusion Conference Stuff
Andy and Kev have been busy sorting out a new Scotch on the Rocks site and making tickets available to purchase. Tickets are priced from £49 to £129 for 1 to 3 events with your lunch included in the price.  Bargain at twice the price I say ;)  especially with the likes of Sean Corfield giving a presentation on cloud computing among others such as Peter Bell, Mark Drew and Serge Jesper from Adobe.  With events being held in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, do you really have any excuse??
In CFUnited news, Brian Rinaldi has blogged that he'll be presenting on the Flex framework Mate at CFUnited this year.
If you happen to be way-way-way down south, you'll be interested to know that cf.Objective is coming to Melbourne Australia later this year.

Techie Stuff
There's just too much stuff across a variety of overlapping topics for me to categorise them as I did in my last post (teach me to leave it so long again!) so this next section is going to be a bit of a stream of conciousness.

Ray Camden has been playing with jQuery a lot recently and has a stack of interesting posts too numerous to list them all, but they cover topics from form validation to setting client variables using AJAX. Go take a look at the ColdFusion Jedi having fun with jQuery.

I've noticed that there's been a number of posts on Grails and Groovy recently. Dan Vega has posted one on Getting started with Grails. Doug Hughes has post a getting started with groovy etc. with Coldfusion and one on Building a Groovy/CFML project. You should, of course, read everything that the Broadchoice folks have posted on the Argument Collection.

If you're wondering whats going on with ColdFusion, Adam Lehman has become the new CF and Bolt Product Manager (oi Adam! Where's my invite to the Bolt testing program? ;)) and Jake Munson does some CF9 reading between the lines. Speaking of Bolt, Adam "leaked" a photo of Bolt and some CF9 code via twitter a little while back. Terrence Ryan has been busy blogging all sorts of ColdFusion posts. If you happen to be coming to my blog via Trac/Mylyn posts and happen to wonder what this CF lark is or you need some help justifying why you should be using ColdFusion, you should definitely make Terrence's blog required reading. Its nice to see Tim Buntel return to blogging with a post on the ColdFusion and the future of Flex.

There's been a couple of CF document updates, but the one that caught my attention the most is one on Troubleshooting ColdFusion or JRun hangs or freezes. You should use this entry with Mike Brunt's posts on the Alagad website.

Well I'm running out of train time - there are 29 entries left in Google Reader that I really should add, but I think its time I put this post out there and add those post to my next round-up (hopefully a bit quicker than this last one)