Manually creating JRun Server instances.

I'm having a spot of bother with the JRun JMC (Java Management Console) at the minute. 

For some reason I'm getting error messages like this :

[1]java.lang.IllegalStateException: No admin server available for somejunk. Cannot perform offline operation.

in various places in the admin.  Not neccessarily the exact same error, but always to do with Offline Services. If anyone happens to know why this would be happening it'd love to hear....

Anyway, because of these errors, I can't actually create new server via the JMC.  After a whole bunch of searching and I even twittered my request to find out how to manually create JRun servers, I finally got the answer from my mate Andy Allan.

Its really very simple! I was over complicating things as usual looking for command line functions and all that malarky. All you need to do is!

  1. In the default JRun4/servers folder you'll find a file.  Create an appropriate folder for your new server and unzip the contents of this zip into that folder.
  2. Find the server.xml file in Jrun4/lib and add an entry for your new server.
  3. Open a command line window and start your java server or create a service for it. The choice is yours!

And thats it!  Of course if you want this to be a ColdFusion/Railo/OpenBD server you need to drop in the appropriate ear or war file/folder, but really there's nothing else to it.

As an aside, nice to see that Akismet is working nicely on my blog!  Now I just need to work out why I'm not getting email notices of new comments.
Plus I need to work out a better way of doing my blog round-ups.  I get distracted by work and stuff and then there's way too many blogs to read!