Web 2.0 Articles in the bdaily

One of the many blogs, newsletters and electronic publications that I read is a Newcastle-based business daily newsletter called the bdaily.

The bdaily publishes selected business news from the north east of england to recipients locally as well as globally.

Recently, a guest author, Justin Souter, has been writing a series of short articles on the What, Why, When, How, Where and Who of "Web 2.0". There was a request for follow up articles and David Coxon, ICT Manager for The Baltic, wrote a couple of follow up articles.

I thought I also would try my hand at writing something. After a couple suggestions I decided to write an article on what media agencies will need to do to meet the challenge of providing Web 2.0 applications to their clients.

The articles are supposed to be about 400 words in length.  As is fairly usual for my writing it took me a while to write and I ended up writing twice that. 

The first part was published in the bdaily bulletin - the next part will be in the bulletin next Tuesday.

Take a look at the bdaily and the first part of my article - Web 2.0 - A way of life. I hope you enjoy it.