Eclipse, Mylyn and Trac 0.11

My first post for ages! Sorry about that....

Something quite exciting, that I've had a crack at fixing myself, but the combination of my poor java and python skills has prevented me from completing this adequately. However, the combined skills of the trac developers and the development team for Mylyn and the Mylyn Trac connector have managed to combine to finally provide the highly awaited Mylyn, Eclipse and custom Trac workflow integration!

That's right! If you have custom workflows and actions specified on Trac, you can now managed tickets directly in eclipse with Mylyn tasks.

In order to get this working you will need to export the latest trunk of the TracXMLRPC (current at time of writing at r6058 plugin from Trac-Hacks and install it on your trac server. (Installation is easy - command line, change to the top level of the TracXMLRPC export folder, run the command "python install", restart apache, done)

Having installed the updated XMLRPC plugin you'll also need to update Mylyn in eclipse to the latest weekly of Mylyn and the Trac Connector. Just add the update sites to the software update section in eclipse and use them to do an update. Current version at time of writing is : 3.2.0I20090616-0200-e3x.

When you restart eclipse you should be all sorted! Custom action in Mylyn tasks in Eclipse! One thing to note. Mylyn caches the UI elements, so when you open a task that you've previously openned you may need to hit the "refresh" button at the top to load the custom actions. Other than that it all looks fine.

One last note.... Both the TracXMLRPC plugin and the Mylyn plugin and Trac Connector are all trunk level releases, so the standard "Here be dragons" disclaimer applies. If you find any problems, please make sure you report them to the right people on the appropriate forum.

Hooray!!! Nice one. Cheers for blogging that Stephen. Off to download it right now :-).

# Posted By James Buckingham | 6/16/09 9:44 AM
Got it all installed, but when viewing tasks in Eclipse, the custome workflow actions are missing their labels. I get a number of radio buttons in the Actions section, but no labels. Have you seen this?
# Posted By Steve Roderick | 6/17/09 7:05 PM
hello, thanks for the post, it helped me.
we´ve done the updating of trac 0.11
but trac envs are very slow, i´m don´t know what to do. i´m seeing that nobody knows
# Posted By Wellington | 6/17/09 11:11 PM
@Steve Roderick - I'm afraid not. I've got a simple coldfusion app that I've been using to call the XMLRPC interface to check the response, so I know whether its Trac or Mylyn causing bother. The latest incarnation of the XMLRPC plugin returns an array of strings (action names). You may want to confirm that you are using the latest revision of the plugin and that it is return an array of strings.

@Wellington - There are any number of things that could be causing your environments to be slow. It could be your choice of webserver (IIS is notoriously bad for trac) or the connector from the webserver to trac that is the problem. It could even be that your server is not up to the task or the version of Python. That said - we run a large number of trac/svn/apache projects and have no problems with speed. Make sure you read all the trac wiki entries and have a look on the trac-user google mailing list. There's plenty of help out there.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 6/18/09 9:33 AM