What am I reading?

Previously I wrote a number of weekly blog round up of the 100 or so blogs I'm subscribed to, but I've let it get all out of date and I've not been reading as much as I should.

A few months ago, in an attempt to try to get back into the habit of scanning, if not reading, blog posts, I set up a twitter account and twitter feed from a folder in my google reader account. If you're interested its http://twitter.com/nilBlog, but it didn't work very well.

So now I'm taking another look at making sure I do read more and letting others read what I read as well.

The first stage of this is the new page that you'll find on my blog "What am I reading?". This page displays the latest 20 blog posts from a folder in my Google Reader account. Its the same feed as is used to populate my blog feed twitter account and is just an amalgamation of all the blogs that I would normally use to create a blog round-up. Some feeds are just too noisy (betanews.com) and some you don't really care about (LFG).

This was pretty simple to set up - add a custom page template to Mango Blog, add a cffeed call and output entries from the generated query using the layout from the home page (do you want the code??) - but it also gave me a bit of an insight into the Google Reader API and some of the fun things I could potentially do.

The next stage is to sort out the twittter feed to nilBlog. Currently it uses TwitterFeed to push entries from the RSS feed to the twitter account. This kinda works, but because of the volume of traffic on the RSS feed I need something a little more proactive, so its time to write something myself. There are 4 or 5 coldfusion/twitter connectors on RIAForge at the minute, but because I know AndyJ I think I'll be going with TwitterCFC. I'll let you know how it goes....

It should be noted I am not building an agregator. I don't want to replicate the likes of CFBlogger. I will not be accepting suggestions or submissions of blogs to add to my list. This is purely for my own gratification and if anyone finds it useful, then great!