Blog Roundup September 11th 2009

Sorry..... Its been a very very long time since I posted a blog round up. 

I recently moved my blog from hosting on my PC at home to extremely cheap Coldfusion 8 hosting with Hosting A to Z and I've updated to MangoBlog 1.4 with a new site theme, so I've decided its time I got my act together and started posting again.

Here we go!   Rapid round up for September blog posts that have dropped into my Google Reader. 

Probably the most important blog posts that you should already are these two FYIs from Ray Camden on the ColdFusion 8.0.1 Cumulative Hot Fix.

Bob Silverberg has posted this interesting entry on dynamically passing nulla function values to .  This is particularly handy with ColdFusion 9 ORM functionality, but its handy for dynamically call getters and setters methods on "beans" in general.

Doug Boude (rhymes with loud) has written a useful 3 part series on setting up Railo on Window 2008 and IIS7(if you really must)

I've decided not to repost any of the PHP vs ColdFusion, but this release timeline from Jacob Munson was pretty interesting, so this will be my only deviation from my "rule".

I always always forget about the Chart Editor that comes with ColdFusion when it comes to making cfcharts pretty. Here's an example of styling up up a chart using the editor by Ray Camden.

More and more of my code is OO based, but I was originally educated as a procedural developer so it was interesting to read these two posts one from Ray Camden and one from Doug Boude on "Falling behind" or changing from procedural to OO development practices.

There's been a couple of "ColdFusion power" posts in the last 11 days that were quite interesting : The first being the relaunch of ColdFusion 9 powered Adobe TV as noted by Dan Vega and this post by Dave Konopka on ColdFusion powered desktop gagdets. Adobe TV is looking pretty good - I need to get some time to take a proper look at the content - and Dave's post is a good intro into how you can use ColdFusion to power your desktop application using ColdFusion to generate XML.

Last post to mention is Brian Rinaldi's post "Follow CF and Flex bloggers with one click" If you're looking for ColdFusion or Flex developers on Twitter, then this is a good place to start.

Well that about all for the minute. I've no doubt I've missed loads out that others may find interesting, but these were the highlights that I picked out from the beginning of September. 

If you'd like to be added to the 100+ blogs I already follow or there's someone you think I should be reading, then please do drop me a comment, send me a message on twitter or drop me an email.

Thanks mr_nil .
Hope you have good time with us.

William C., Hosting A to Z Inc.
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